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QR Bar Codes for URLs

Using QR Bar codes are great for print, web and mobile media, mainly, because of the awesome power of web pages with static URLs. And anyone can create a web page and share the URL for it. A simple URL can be copied down, but a QR bar code can be scanned in easily by most of the smart phones people carry around. And as a URL the bar code reading software is a way to either bookmark the URL or to immediately take the action indicated on the web page. This is an example of making sure human readable media is also machine processable (and vice versa).
Although QR bar codes are not ubiquitous now, (neither was the web at the beginning) they represent something which now is -- web pages. Unlike many of the previous bar codes systems that were both proprietary and based on specific naming/numbering systems, when a QR bar code represents a URL the creator of the page at the URL has all of the control and does not need to register, pay or license anything from anyone. Let me repeat, if you can create a web page, you can make a bar code for it. And, of course, you should also show the URL in human readable form which you should do as a normal best practice. This document's URL is:


Where to use QR bar codes with URLs and for what:

  • Posters for the event should have a URL and the QR bar code for the same URL- costs nothing and takes up only a little room. And the bar code should be on the web page in case it is printed. And it should be on the mobile page too for that phone to phone action.
  • Business cards should have it using the link to the contact information. Why not?
  • Big documents whether HTML or PDF should include the QR bar code for the URL where the document can be read and downloaded. This way a person can quickly use their smart phone to bookmark or immediately download for reading the document.
  • Small documents...why not?... to help with filing them.
  • Calls to action...
  • Anything that has a web page that you want to be found.
  • Products in a store.
  • Bus and subway stops so riders can get schedules and next bus or train.
  • Notes ( allows you to share your notes on your phone with others using the QR bar code for a URL).
  • almost anything else that has a URL or should





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