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Bibliography of the site. Find books, articles and other resources that are referenced in the site.

Link Cool URIs don't change
Don't take it from me, read what the creator of the World Wide Web says about creating URLs.
Link eXist - XQuery Online Engine
eXist is a web based XQuery database engine that can be used for online web applications. In that XQuery is a W3C standard, essentially you can build portable applications that should eventually be built into servers and client browsers (the way many browsers currently use XSLT). Imagine portals, mashups, web services, screen scraping all done with simple coding with an open standard XML based language. Related Plone product:
Link REST - How the web is constructed
Roy T. Fielding wrote a dissertation about how the web works and should work. See the book based on his dissertation, RESTful Web Services.
Link RESTful Web Services - Book by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby
RESTful Web Services is perhaps the most important book written about Web technology. Web sites can be "Web services" if well architected. The same pages that are human readable should be machine readable.
Link XMLFinder - Plone product
Plone product that is supposed to allow eXist open source XQuery database to work with Plone.
Link XQuery -W3C standard
Always go to the source:
Collection XQuery Links
Relevant links concerning XQuery
Link Microformats
A way to shoehorn in metadata to make HTML more data friendly.
Link Rep. Anna Eshoo's pioneers web sites and communications
Press release talking about one of earliest congressional sites and pioneering use of webmail.
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